Sushi 10: Don’t Miss Happy Hour

By Danielle Carpenter 

sushi ten outsideLots of sushi for cheap is a dream come true for sushi lovers everywhere. Many don’t know about Sushi 10, but it’s time they find out.

I am a regular of Sushi 10; I go with my boyfriend nearly every week. Our last visit was the time I chose to really pay attention to detail and service in order to write a review.

We chose to sit at the sushi bar, because we have found you get much faster service there. The servers and cooks are extremely friendly and are on the ball. You are greeted cordially and swiftly, asked for your drink order, and if you would prefer soybeans or salad. Along with your choice, you are also given a bowl of soup. I call this mystery soup, because I have no idea what it is… but it’s delicious. This is a great way to hold you over while you wait for sushi. You will wait much longer when you’re sitting at a table, but even then it comes out in reasonable time.

sushi tenHappy hour is basically all day, Monday-Thursday it is from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on the weekends until 5 p.m. Happy hour includes half off sushi and drink specials. This is an amazing deal compared to other restaurants around town.

I’ve been to various sushi restaurants around Tucson. I was once a regular of Sushi Garden, where my boyfriend and I would each get the all-you-can-eat for $21 each, and if we each got a drink, our bill would be between $50-$60. The same with RA Sushi, the typical bill there is roughly $50. At Sushi 10, we get the same amount of delicious sushi for no more than $22 (and I think that is the most we have ever paid there for six rolls of sushi.)

Sushi 10 does offer an all-you-can-eat deal, but it makes more sense to take advantage of happy hour and eat the same amount of sushi for less. In the unfortunate event you arrive after happy hour ends, the all-you-can-eat is going to be the way to go. But, I repeat, go to the happy house! I have yet to find a deal better in town.

Now we move on to my recommendations. We always get the spicy California roll, sweet dream roll, fried salmon roll, shrimp killer roll, kiss me roll and my personal favorite, the Mexican roll. This roll is tempura style with white rice, salmon, spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, and jalapeño. If I could live off these rolls, I would. Granted, we’re not as adventurous as many sushi connoisseurs. Most of the sushi we get has cooked fish, with some raw pieces. I can only imagine the all-raw sushi there is just as good.

One of these days I will need to venture some and do a couple of sake bombs, since those too are on special for happy hour.

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