Day and Night at Union Public House

By Reham Alawadhi

Reham AlawadhiA hipster is defined as someone who is always following the latest trends and fads. Union Public House is a place that hipsters could love. As you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is the large bar area and the many different types of liquors and wines it contains.

Suspended above the bar are several televisions that fixed to different sports channels. Below the televisions, wine glasses hang upside down. So this is an upscale sports bar/restaurant.

unionLocated at 4340 N. Campbell Ave, Union Public House is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. There are several different variations of the menu, depending on the time of day.

The most popular times are during the social hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., where customers can get featured food and drinks for $3 to $6, and the late night hour from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., when customers can still purchase some food items from the late-night menu, as well as numerous of drinks including draft beers and cocktails.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can buy bottles of wine at half price. On “Whiskey Wednesday,” patrons can get, yep you guessed it, half off on all whiskey, bourbon, and Scotch. Thursdays are for $4 draft beers and $6 copper cup cocktails, while Sundays offer two-for-one promotions on select draft beers, well cocktails and glass wine from 10 p.m. to closing.

The menu includes seafood, flatbreads, burgers and salads. The price of appetizers range from $5 to $15; the “artisan flatbreads” – which are basically pizza in my opinion – range from $9 to $13; salads are $7 – $10, and the main dishes range from $11 to $15.

spinach salad2Salad is never usually my thing, but at Union I find it hard to resist the  spinach salad. Candied pecans, goat cheese fritters, beets, and roasted apples sit on a bed of spinach and frisée, which are tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.

I got the salad, which costs $9, without the roasted apples because personally I prefer my apples in a pie. The rest of the ingredients compliment each other, although the frisée is very scarce throughout the salad.

The goat cheese fritters, which are delicately crispy on the outside and very soft and creamy on the inside, make my taste buds high-five each other. The beets add a slight tanginess, while the candied pecans add a crunch and some sweetness.

lobster mac and cheese

From the “A La Carte Additions” I ordered the lobster mac-and -cheese, $7. Cavatappi pasta, leek creme, white cheddar, and lobster are topped with hand-cracked pepper and baked to a creamy perfection. There is a generous amount of red and white juicy lobster; however, the pepper on top was added too generously.

The restaurant has a very quiet and chill atmosphere during the day, and quickly turns busy during their social hour. During the night it is exceptionally loud due to the large crowds, and it can be difficult finding a table.

They have a lovely patio area that overlooks the St. Philip’s Plaza fountain. The restaurant as a whole has a contemporary feel to it, mixed with a bit of retro décor.

Another thing about the restaurant that hipsters go for: craft lemonades served in trendy mason jars. Water also comes in mason jars. Every few days there is a new kind of lemonade, which can be a passion fruit lemonade, or a black cherry lemonade, among other things.passionfruit lemonade

I had the passion fruit lemonade, which was a delightful surprise because I don’t normally like passion fruit. You are hit with a pang of tangy citrus lemonade, and then the hint of sweetness from the passion fruit slowly comes through.

A kid’s menu is also available, and it includes grilled cheese, fish sticks, grilled chicken breast, grilled steak, mac and cheese, sliders, and pizza. All kid’s items are $6, including a drink and kid’s sundae.


Union Public House

4340 N Campbell Ave., 520-329-8575,

  • Atmosphere: upscale sports bar/restaurant
  • Sound level: quiet to loud, depending on the time of day
  • Recommended: Lobster mac and cheese, union mozz, fish and chips, and spinach salad.
  • Drinks and wine: variety of different beers on tap, creative cocktails
  • Prices: Appetizers $5 – $15, Artisan Flatbreads $9 – $13, Salads $7 – $10, Soups $6 – $9, Mains $11 – $15, and A La Carte Additions $4 – $7.
  • Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day
  • Promotions: Monday and Tuesday half-price wine bottles, “Whiskey Wednesday,” half-price off all whiskey; Thursday, $4 draft beer and $6 copper cup cocktails; Sunday, two-for-one on select draft beers, cocktails, glasses of wine from 10 p.m. to closing

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