Pieology Pizzeria Gets a Grade


Who doesn’t love a good thin-crust pizza that you can create the way you like, with unlimited toppings?

Pieology Pizzeria, at 914 E. Speedway Blvd suit #110, offers just that. It’s a pizza parlor that is very similar to Subway but instead offers a ‘create your own pizza,’ no limit on the toppings.

“Custom artisan-style pizzas. Fast fired in less than 4 minutes. Endless fresh flavor combinations. 1 great price,” reads the blurb on the website, Pieology.com

Just opened, on Oct. 1, Pieology makes a medium pizza with eight slices right in front you and then comes best part: You put whatever toppings you want on it. Toppings range from Ricotta cheese, artichokes, garlic, jalapenos, buffalo chicken, etc. They don’t cost extra.

But don’t get your panties in too much of a twist over this. It’s a cool idea, but the pizza is not anything special.

Yes, the pizza. I ordered a chicken pizza with ham, bacon and pineapple. When I got it, the pizza was a little over cooked. It wasn’t terribly bad but I am not a big fan of burnt pizza and black crust. But when I had gone a week earlier, thst pizza was a little under-cooked. So inconsistency is an issue.

The regular price of a custom-made pizza is $7.95 plus tax.

Pizza grade: B


The employees. The employees were nice, and interacted with the customers, which is always a big plus. Customer service will always keep customers coming back. They greet you when you walk in the door and answer questions if you have any. When they bring you your pizza, they ask if it is okay. However, they don’t move fast. Communicationd between the register and the oven position are a little rocky. The cashier seemed to have a hard time hearing the oven position employee. Better training is needed.

Employee grade: B


The store is okay. There is a grey concrete floor with tan tables that have a grey circle with the letter “P” in it. The chairs are silver to match the grey and tan color scheme. On the right wall there are quotes about the pizza from customers and Confucius. The floor was clean and employees cleaned tables as customers left. There were no bugs, dirt or pizza crumbs. The soda fountain was clean and the tops of the pizza shakers were clean. The pizza line was clean.

Store grade: A


The competition. Pieology isn’t the only “create your own” fast-pizza parlor within the same area. Just around the corner from Pieology is the same pizza place called Pizza Studio. Pizza Studio has more options,  such as different types of dough, that don’t cost extra. Pieology has gluten-free pizza dough but it costs more. Pizza Studio has a little more color in the store layout and design and it also as local art placed on the walls. Pieology has a Wildcats flag. And for my taste, Pizza Studio simply has better pizza than Pieology. 

Grade: B


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