“Old Boots, New Dirt:” Jason Aldean Keeps It Country


jaJason Aldean never ceases to amaze me. I was first introduced to this popular country singer when his hit “Big Green Tractor” came out when I was in 7th grade. (Am I the only one who still wonders what he looks like without a cowboy hat on?) Now, at 22, I am still a big fan of the man who raps, uses auto tune (sometimes), and sings about tractors, girls, farms and beer. His album “Old Boots, New Dirt” was released on October 7, 2014. According to CMT.com, within the first week of release, this album managed to sell 278,096 copies and was No. 1 on both Billboard‘s country and all-genres album chart.

Jason always manages to stick to his country roots, but he does a really good job of incorporating today’s pop and techno into his songs. This is a great way to appeal his music to younger generations. I know when I was growing up I was not into country music at all. I thought it only sang about being lonesome or sleeping with trouble. It wasn’t until late middle school I started to grow an appreciation for the genre.

The hit “Burnin’ It Down,” written by Florida Georgia Line from this album, is the most downloaded country song on iTunes currently, and it rightfully earned that spot. As I mentioned before, it certainly has a country sound to it, but incorporates a beat that will appeal to those who have not yet developed a love for classic country music. Burnin’ It Down honestly makes me want to be super passionate with someone, and I’ll leave it at that. “We’re about to get a little tangled up right about now…” Okay, Jason. I hear you. (Wink, wink).

This album is perfect for going off-roading, on a date, for sitting around a campfire, partying, and pretty much any atmosphere. He does a good job of not putting in  too many slow songs, or not too many upbeat songs about girls and beer. There is a great balance. There are songs for those dealing with breakups, those starting with someone new, those who want to go out and two-step, and of course for those who want to drink. If I had to guess, the other songs on this album that have the potential to become hits are “Sweet Little Somethin‘“, ”Just Gettin’ Started”, “Tonight Looks Good on You”, and “Just Getting Started”. There are a total of 15 songs on the album.

Jason’s most well-known songs are “Dirt Road Anthem”, “Big Green Tractor”, “Crazy Town”, “Hicktown”, “She’s Country”, and “Why”. Certainly Burnin’ It Down will make that list soon enough. If you have not yet been introduced to this talented country artist, and even if you aren’t sure about country music, I guarantee you will find a couple of Jason Aldean songs you cannot help but dance to, or sing. 

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