102.1 KFMA’s Fall Ball : Rocking in Tucson

By Adriana Sepúlveda

You will not find a better rock community in Arizona than the one here in Tucson. The local rock radio station, 102.1 KFMA, hosts two events a year. These events hold a very important place in the hearts of many rock music aficionados: KFMA Day, in the spring, and autumn’s Fall Ball. Usually an average of six or seven rock, metal or alternative rock bands are brought to these one-day festivals.

On Sunday, September 12, 102.1 KFMA held Fall Ball and brought a total of ten bands to Tucson: The Offspring, AWOLNATION, Chevelle, Pop Evil, Nothing More (shown on the right) and All That Remains were the bands that thousands of Tucsonan’s bought a ticket to go rock out with. Along with those, some local and smaller bands were added (for the first time) on a side-stage. As a new addition to the festival, the side stage also brought in some interesting music from Raw Fabrics, Alien Atmosphere, Stands with Fists, and Night Terrors of 1927.

After attending so many of the past KFMA Days and Fall Ball’s I can say with complete certainty that this year’s Fall Ball was the best Fall Ball KFMA has hosted. The lineup was unforgettable.

This year Fall Ball brought in some classic rock music by The Offspring (shown below), AWOLNATION a favorite of many and even gave a local radio contest winner the opportunity to make a special appearance on stage shredding the guitar with All That Remains. Nothing More, known as the darlings of concerts festivals, prompted some mosh-pitting, and gave metal-heads their dose of head banging for the day. Chevelle, an old friend of Tucson and KFMA’s festivals, came back this year and Pop Evil offered to take everyone “higher” with some good tunes to rock out to.

The side stage received a lot of attention while entertaining the audience during the breaks between the bands on the main stage. Throughout the day this stage offered dark electronic rock music from Raw Fabrics, romantic rock ballads by Night Terrors of 1927 and very encouraging and emotional music from Alien Atmosphere and Stands with Fists.

If you live in Tucson, KFMA throws the best concerts in town and the prices per ticket are always affordable.

And of course there’s more. Announcements will start rolling in around February for KFMA Day in 2016.


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